How to Choose the Best Medical Examination Lights?

November 05 2018
medical examination light

Known by different names like operating lights, surgical lights and medical lights, the examination lights are actually medical equipment used to illuminate the operating field during surgery. So, when you are in the operation theatre, a group of surgical lights will assist you in providing lighting – enabling you with bright, consistent and focused lighting solution.

If you are in this field, you probably know how they work and how they are significant to carry out the complex surgeries. But, the thing that may concern you is, how to choose from amongst the many?

Choosing the right medical examination light may be a complex as well as a time-consuming activity for a doctor, medical office, hospital or any surgical centre. The reason behind this is; there are many options to choose from and with the technical upgrades at regular intervals, you really can get confused while making a selection.

The best idea is to first figure out your needs – what are you looking for when you want surgical lights?

Are you focused on getting assistance in medical procedures like keyhole surgeries or endoscopy? Are you just looking for better medical illumination lights to upgrade your operational room?

Figuring out the same can bring you a bit closer to choosing the right medical examination light. So, ask yourself the following questions before you actually go ahead with the selection process:

  • How do surgical lights work?
  • How much does the examination lights cost?
  • What should you consider when you are planning to invest in surgical lighting?
  • What power backup you intend to have for your surgical lights?
  • How will you integrate these lights into your operation room effectively?
  • What type of lighting you are looking for – Uniform lighting or Discipline-Specific lighting?

Remember, the solution should be flexible, highly-effective and easy to install and at the same time, must be user-friendly. If they are not able to perform in high-stake or time-bound situations, there is no point in having the medical examination lights in the first place.

That is why it becomes imperative for you to choose specialist medical lighting from trusted companies as they have a clear idea on what the healthcare professionals need. They will be able to suggest you with the perfect solution that you might be looking for since long.

So, what are the types of medical lights that you can choose from? Let’s take a look!

Different Types of Medical Lighting

Medical Examination Light

Let’s take a look at some of the practical, patient-focused and popular medical lighting options:

#1 Examination Lights

The first and the foremost thing to consider while selecting the examination lights is that it should offer basic features like precision, clarity and maneuverability! These are the basic requirements to carry out the minor surgeries and other clinical examinations. Moreover, also check that it is able to deliver a bright, uniform spot.

The examination lights that have a life expectancy of around 45,000 hours and light intensity of around 50,000 Lux at 0.5m can be considered ideal for every application – from consulting rooms and intensive care units to A&E and neonatal departments.

However, the factors that make it highly effective are its flexibility and the range of options that you can resort to according to your purpose. The clinicians can work easily with these lights as they can select as per their use – ceiling, wall, rail, pole and even mobile.

#2 Minor Surgical Lights

When it comes to minor surgery, light is considered to be a crucial element that you need to get it right in the operating theatre. That is why; the minor surgical lights can act perfectly in such a situation. They come with the interesting feature of being motion-sensitive and when you move them, they switch on automatically. Similarly, in a case when you want to adjust the orientation towards the ceiling, it can be turned off.

Another feature is that the minor surgical lights usually come with a gesture control. This means you don’t need to physically touch anything to adjust the light intensity. It conserves energy and it will automatically turn off in case there is no activity for 30 minutes.

You can get these minor medical examination lights in either wall mounted, ceiling or mobile configurations. So, select according to your purpose and usage.

#3 Overhead Lighting

To encourage a speedy recovery of your patients, it is imperative to create a more comfortable environment. The good news is; you can select from a range of overhead lighting options that ensure to aid every requirement of the user as well as the room.

Depending on what you choose, the overhead lighting can include integrated lighting. The integrated lighting helps with the backlighting around the edge of the panel. And, generally, this lighting is either a standard white or comes in full RGB colour. You can control these lights in both the ways – remotely with the help of a smartphone or a tablet as well as with the controls that are mounted within the unit.

You get ample options when you have integrated panel lighting, so figure out your requirements and if your needs are similar to what overhead lighting has to offer, go for it!

Wrapping it up

So, it is simple. Every medical examination light is created to offer you some or the other functionality. If you still want more information on these lights, here’s a good read: All that you need to know about medical examination lights.  Find out your requirements and based on that make a right selection of the medical lights. You can also take advice from the reliable companies that are aware of the in-and-out of these examination lights.

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