7 Features to Look for When Installing a Commercial Cold Room


Preservation of perishable items is a necessity. Commercial cold room in Melbourne is required for large-scale preservation of perishable items. These items can include food, pharmaceutical ingredients, and industrial raw material or products. Refrigeration manufacturing and installation are major industries in Australia, especially in cities like Melbourne.

In fact,  Commercial refrigeration is estimated to account for 4% of emissions from Australia’s energy sector and 6% of emissions in New Zealand.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics published in 2008 that almost all households in Australia own at least one or more refrigerators.

The Australian Government states that there are two types of refrigerated cabinet technologies available:

  • Refrigerated Display Cabinets (RDCs) which store and display chilled or frozen food and beverages for sale.
  • Refrigerated Storage Cabinets (RSCs) specifically designed to store food material.

Essential Cold Room Features

Before investing in a cold room, it is essential to know what features the cold room can provide. According to business operators, there are certain features which must be examined when installing a commercial cold room in Melbourne:

  • Appropriate Height for Easy Movement

A cold room is made to store a lot of supplies. Therefore, it must be of a height which is comfortable to work with. There might be frequent movement in and out of the cold room. Due to this reason, those dimensions which are suitable for any person are the most preferable.

  • Presence of Internal Lighting

Probably one of the most important features of a cool room is the presence of the internal light source. The light source must be bright enough so that working inside the cold room is easier. A worker may need to read labels in order to find a particular item.

  • Extensive and Adjustable Shelving

One may consider how many shelves a cold room can accommodate. With more items, additional shelves may be required. Shelves which can be adjusted to fit the needs of the business are highly desirable. If an item needs more vertical space then adjustable shelves are quite useful.

  • Defrosting Is Automatic

Ice can build up in a freezer when it is cooled for extensive amounts of time. Ice can prevent movement of items inside the cooler. The internal coils in a cooler like a fridge or cold room have an automatic defrosting mechanism. This helps in reducing any excess buildup of ice inside the cooler.

  • Doors With Self-Closing Mechanism

Commercial cool rooms are usually used for businesses which are very busy. During such busy hours, a cold room with a self-closing door is highly beneficial. If left open then hot air may enter a cool room. This can damage the items which are stored at the inside temperature may fluctuate.

  • Polyurethane Foam Insulation

Good quality polyurethane foam has many benefits for the business operators which utilize commercial cold rooms. Due to its high insulation properties the specialized foam is able to retain cool temperatures for a longer time. There is a significant saving in energy bills and increase in profits.

  • Two Way Locking Mechanism

A good quality and well designed cool room have a two-way locking system. This can be operated from both the inside and the outside of the cold room. By ensuring that the items are safely stored the business owners are content about safety measures.


Commercial cold rooms are very popular in Melbourne and other Australian regions. They can be of great benefit to a business if installed properly. Before installing a commercial cold room in Melbourne, look for the essential features mentioned above. Remember,  a well-performing cold room will lead to an increase in business profits substantially.