Watch Out For These 4 Common Metal Fabrication Mistakes


The Industrial revolution has lead to the creation of a world, which is highly dependent on science and technology. This advancement has been the hallmark of human existence; the rich human past is filled with instances of individuals, making new discoveries and inventions.

There are certain kinds of industries, which very much shape the way that the world operates, are indispensable to our progress. It can be said that fabrication is one such industry. It is a manufacturing process, where an item is made from finished raw materials, instead of being assembled from ready-made parts or components. It includes a number of technical activities, like, Laser Cutting in Melbourne.

Custom Metal Fabrication work leads to the creation of many metal products to be used in a variety of situations in our daily lives from vehicles, factories to protective grills and others. The products, which is produced by the fabrication industry is what helps us to create, the wonderful world which we live in.

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Considering all these factors above, it can be said that the Custom Metal Fabrication industry has an important role to play in the economy. According to IBIS World report, as of 2016 in Australia, the fabricated metal product manufacturing market earned annual revenue of $4 billion. According to the Australian government, in the year 2013- 2014, the fabricated metal product manufacturing has industry added value of $10,746 million and employs about 110,928 people. This clearly shows the importance of the custom metal fabrication industry.

As it is an important process, it is required that strict safety and quality standards be followed at all times. However, during the metal fabrication process, sometimes due to defective technique or unorganized schedule, some mistakes may occur which can affect the quality of fabrication considerably. If you are looking for a metal fabricator, watch out for these 4 common mistakes:

Mistakes made at the production level:

Leaving Scratches:

It is very important to give a clean finish to the metal so that scratches can be avoided and the surface of the metal is free from crevices and corrosion caused by the scratches over time.

Distorted Structure:

Metal can get distorted during the process of fabrication and laser cutting because metals like steel have a high coefficient of thermal expansion and low thermal conductivity which can cause the metal to expand rapidly during fabrication and get distorted. The temperature needs to be controlled actively during the fabrication to prevent such damage.

Not Cleaning The Metal:

Improper cleaning of the metal surface can cause contamination of the metal and severe damage to the structure of the fabricated metal and hence various different methods of metal cleaning need to be used.

Storing Improperly:

During the fabrication process sometimes improper storage methods can damage the metalwork and therefore some sort of protection like protective films must be used while storing the metal items so that the final fabricated work is of supreme quality.

Some of the other major mistakes:

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Assumptions about what the customer needs must never be made and an emphasis should be made to deliver custom metal fabrication service that suits the client’s needs and budget.

Inconsistent Quality:

At all the times it is essential to maintain high manufacturing standards and finally deliver the fabricated work which is high in quality. The fabricators need to give full attention to every detail.

Incomplete Scheduling:

When a fabricator deals with a number of clients it is always wise to schedule the work and projects should be handled one at a time for proper time management.

Inflexible Technique:

Fabricators need to make sure that they are flexible in their approach and are willing to use a variety of techniques to deliver the work of the highest standards.

Thus, we see that metal fabricated products have become the lifeline of human growth and we see that metal fabrication is very important for technological and scientific growth. With continued human cultural and technical advancement, there will be an ever-increasing need for laser cutting in Melbourne and the highly skilled personnel trained in metal fabrication will be required.


There are certain mistakes which need to be avoided in all circumstances to get the desired results from metal fabrication work. Go through these tips on choosing the right welder to avoid the metal fabrication mistakes. Good quality metal is much in demand and when full care is taken during manufacturing then the final product will be of supreme quality and there will be a natural increase in product sales.