Safety Equipment Checklist That You Should Consider While Welding


Welding safety should not be overlooked ever, in fact; there are certain items that should definitely be on your safety equipment list when you are carrying out the welding job in Melbourne or anywhere else. This will help to attain the optimal safety of the people as well as the equipment present in that area.

It is simple, the materials and heat used in the welding process can cause accidents and sometimes can even turn fatal if proper precautions are not taken. So while considering welders for sale, your list must even include the safety equipment that ensures you to attain the level of safety required during the process.

What Type of Protection Should You Consider During the Welding Process?

Carrying out the welding process without taking enough precautions can lead to injuries like skin burns, eye injury, electric shock as well as lung issues due to breathing in toxic fumes. Hence, the first and the foremost thing include understanding everything that can go wrong during the process of welding and consider protection while getting the welding supplies in Melbourne.

Welding safety protection includes:

  1. Ventilation

This is an important safety aspect to be considered during the welding process. All the welding areas must be properly ventilated, never carry out the process in a closed area as it can largely pose a threat to the health and safety of the employees. Hence, make sure you have a properly ventilated area while carrying out the welding work.

  1. Storage

Again, it is imperative for you to make an arrangement of a secured locker if you do not have an ample amount of space to place all the flammable items away from where you are carrying out the welding work. It is best to store such items far away to remove all the possibilities of mishaps.

  1. Eye Protection

Consider having goggles and handheld face shields while listing the welding supplies in Melbourne. Welding is the job that involves creating sparks that can further damage your eye in case of accidents. Hence, it becomes imperative to take all the precautionary measures that help you protect your eye.

  1. Fire Protection

Sparks that are released during the welding process can create fire. You never know when the situation turns out to be out of control; hence it is best to have Class C extinguishers as they work for electrical fires and can control the situation easily by providing you with the fire protection.

  1. Protective Clothing

The sparks during the welding process can further affect your body as a whole. Hence, before carrying out the welding process, ensure that your skin is protected from the effects of sparks and the molten metal. Invest in different protective clothing like welding leathers can help the cause.

What Should Your Welding Safety Equipment List Include?

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  1. Welder Mask

There are different types of welding respirator masks available that you can opt for while considering welders for sale in Melbourne. Some come with a filter which you need to use, according to the coatings and metals. Additionally, make sure to check for the leaks regularly during the process.

  1. Welding Helmets

A welding helmet is a must when you are carrying out the welding process. Without a helmet, the powerful radiation emitted by the arc can easily damage your eyes and skin. To produce consistent high-quality welds in order to eliminate the neck fatigues, select the right welding helmet that ensures you with all the solutions at once.

  1. Goggles, Safety Glasses and Handheld Face Shields

The presence of goggles and handheld face shields offer protection to your neck and face during the welding process. Finding the safety glass that is comfortable as well as compliant with the Australian safety standards will help you carry out the welding work with ease.

  1. Gloves

Regardless of what welders for sale you choose, the presence of gloves will facilitate you to stay focused and productive. Your hands work in closer proximity to the arc which is exposed to heat and radiation, hence, covering them with the quality welding gloves of the right size and style will help you carry out any type of welding process.

  • MIG – Stick and heavy-duty welding gloves that come with heavy stitching, flame-resistant construction and multiple layers of insulation.
  • TIG – TIG welding gloves combine flexibility and durability. They should fit comfortably so that you can move electrodes without any difficulty.
  1. Jackets

In case of light welding applications, opt for cotton jackets that have treated as well as engineered flame-resistant cloth. You can even consider leather jackets as they offer excellent durability and flame resistance in case of medium and heavy-duty applications. Depending on what you choose for welders for sale in Melbourne, you can further decide your jacket type.

  1. Aprons and Sleeves

Wearing an apron with full sleeves beneath a jacket will offer you with an additional protection, especially to your legs and chest. You can pair it with a flame-resistant shirt and leather sleeves to get protection in case of light-duty welding.

  1. Boots

While getting the welding supplies in Melbourne, always consider taking leather boots that comply with the local safety standards. It protects your metatarsal from heavy objects, offers additional protection on the top of your foot and also shields your laces from sparks.


It is always good to take precautionary measures while doing your job, and when it is a welding work, you need to be all the more careful. Do not forget to read these 4 common metal fabrication mistakes that you should avoid while carrying out the welding job. After all, a slight carelessness can sometimes turn into big accidents. So, in order to avoid such unfavourable circumstances, it is best to opt for the welding equipment that ensures you with the optimum safety and consistent high-quality welds.